A dog by your side

We were approached by Wilson’s Pet Food to create an animation to use for marketing. We played around with different ideas such as showing how their premium dog food was made, but we soon decided against showing food being cooked and instead chose to create something that would make customers feel a sense of belonging with the Wilsons brand.

The client was fabulously open to creating something original and emotive and so we got to work on writing a story that would capture the hearts of dog lovers around the world. We had a huge amount of fun playing around with different narrative ideas and eventually settled on this one, focusing on the importance of having dogs in our lives.

We based the overall look of the film on the company branding and new packaging that had just been released, using silhouettes over colourful backgrounds. We wanted to give the film a textured look and use different parts of the screen, as if viewing a faded old photo album whilst focusing on one memory at a time.

The film was created by a small team of animators and went on to be screened at several festivals including The Encounters Film Festival, the Manchester Animation Festival and it even won the prize for best advertising film at The Golden Kuker Animation Festival in Bulgaria.