Takuskanskan was my final year animated film at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2002.

‘A mythological story of creation. The three characters, the raven, the selkie and the antlered spirit are responsible for creating the rain needed for growth on land.’

The story was inspired by Native American and inhuit folktales as well as the idea of the ancient triskelion symbol representing air,
land and sea and how the animals that inhabit those areas are connected by water. I devised my own folktale based on the creatures that are familiar to me in the Scottish landscape.

The animation was entirely hand drawn with sections painted onto paper and cell and then filmed under a camera using studio lights and paint on glass for effects.

I recorded all the sound effects myself which was a fun and creative process. The bird wing flaps were made by me flapping the legs of my massive flared trousers! The music was composed for the film by two friends, Dirk Markham and Ross Taylor.

Takuskanskan is available to buy as part of Volume 5 of the British Animation Awards DVD series.