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Selina Wagner is an award winning animator and director specialising in storytelling, design and animation.

Selina grew up on the remote islands of Orkney, then moved to the Scottish mainland to study animation at Edinburgh College of Art. Her degree film Takuskanskan won several awards including the Craft Award at the British Animation Awards and the Sony Playstation Creative Award.

She has been a freelance animation director for over 14 years and created over 40 TV commercials and countless commercial short films for clients including the BBC, Glenmorangie distilleries and Breast Cancer Care.

She has also created personal short films including ‘Beachcomber’ and ‘Crow moon’ which have been screened at festivals worldwide. Her latest short film ‘Spindrift’ is currently touring the globe.  It has been screened at 18 International film festivals so far and was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for Best Animation in 2017.



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