Project Description


Tirrick – An animated feature film in early development by Selina Wagner.

I’ve been working with a fantastic team including Neil Jack and Martha MacDiarmid to write my first animated feature film.

Following previous successes creating short animated films, various TV series and animated content for International viewers, the Tirrick development team applied for the First Feature Development fund from the Scottish Film Talent Network.

We were successful and started work on the treatment in 2019. Since then, we have received further funding and support through Screen Scotland and have now written our second draft screenplay. Selina Wagner has also won a place on the Sail Britain artist residency to develop the themes of the film further, receiving further funding support through the Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards.

We are a team who have worked together for almost 20 years in our own fields of expertise within animation. Now, we wish to embark on this project together with the goal of creating an animated feature film that tells a hopeful fantasy: a relatable coming-of-age story with a strong and unusual mystery at its core that explores the consequences of prejudices (both perceived and actual) and the importance of inclusivity and empathy.

Our goal is to create an animated feature film that appeals to a wide audience. If we can be bold, we want to be the first female writer/director led team to create an animated feature film in Scotland.

Having already received very positive feedback and support, we now hope to find partners who can help us take Tirrick through development and into production.