Peekaboo Planet

Illustration of Peekaboo planet app

Explore a planet brimming with creatures that are waiting to be found, including a hedgehog rolled up under autumn leaves, an octopus hiding inside a bottle and an owl trying to sleep on a fence post. Encourage your children to find the hidden beasts, then why not go and explore the real world on your doorstep!

Peekaboo Planet is an app for pre-school children of 1 to 6 years. It is a free-play game with very simple controls that even the youngest child can master. There is no beginning or end, no adverts and no fiddly buttons.

The game was devised after doing voluntary work for the RSPB and we wanted to create something that would appeal to young children about the wildlife outside in the same way that lift-the-flap books do.  All the artwork and animation was created by Blobina and the game build was done by Ping Creates.