Peekaboo Planet

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with my husband, Ping, JP Berrie and Matt Mckenna to create an app for young children which we’re going to be launching later this year.

Here’s some blurb about it to whet your appetite…

“Get ready for a journey into the natural world, finding real and mythical creatures along the way! Peekaboo Planet is a game designed for young children and their families. It entertains through lively characters; educates with animals, environments and ecosystems and inspires creativity through imaginative free-play.

Explore the beautifully illustrated world; be entertained by interesting and fun animations and listen to all their noises. Find all the hidden creatures and watch their reactions when you do! From a grumpy eagle up in the mountains to a hedgehog curled up amongst fallen leaves, there are animals in every nook and cranny. See if you can find them all!”

This is a gallery of all the preliminary character sketches and designs filling my sketchbooks before they were transformed into digital versions.